If we plan the week and push hard, on Sunday we can rest as we’ve been commanded to do. When that glorious day arrives each week, we can welcome it joyfully—Hello Sunday!

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Why This Planner?

  • The Hello Sunday Planner fits in your purse.  It’s not huge, but not too small—it’s just right!

  • You can start when you want. Whenever you buy it, it’s good to go. Fill in your own dates—use it for 2018, 2019 or 2020.

  • It has a super-durable cover. Because we know it’s on the go, like you.

  • It was built with usability in mind. The nice, thick paper works with any kind of pen! The high-quality binding lays flat and pages turn easily.

  • It has room for goals and dreams. As busy as we are with daily tasks, there should always be room for these!

  • The Hello Sunday Planner includes inspiring bible quotes go with you wherever your planner goes.

  • It includes area for your top three priorities. When you complete your priorities, you can feel super productive.

  • It’s a moment away from your iPhone. We think it’s nearly impossible to guide your life on a phone. Sure, you can set alerts, but the act of writing is therapeutic, helps you remember, and is grounding in a time when almost everything is digital.

  • The Hello Sunday Planner includes a complete list of holidays with room to add your own important dates for the year ahead.

  • It will keep you hydrated! Yes, there’s an area to remind you to drink eight glasses of water per day. But you can use it however you want—maybe you’d rather do 8 sets of pushups?

  • It’s nifty, design-wise! We think it’s beautiful to look at. We hope you do, too!

  • The Hello Sunday Planner protects your time because it reminds you to carve out time for yourself, your family, food, prayers and self-care with shaded areas in the morning, afternoon and evenings.

What’s Inside
The Hello Sunday Planner?

Hello Sunday Planner Features

  • Monthly overviews with room for gratitude, important tasks and looking forward
  • Weekly spreads, with reminders for prayer and thanks, tasks and progress (don’t forget to delegate!)
  • A vision board to dream of the future, then make it happen with goals and action steps that help you recall the why
  • Pages to track notes, goals, tasks, projects, challenges, growth and action steps
  • Blank pages, lined pages and graph paper pages


This planner is absolutely gorgeous! The quality of the paper, the cover, even the bindings are outstanding. It is wonderfully organized, easy to read and has plenty of room for planning the everyday along with future goals and dreams. What do I especially love? The monthly verses remind me to stay in touch with what’s important to me and my family, and it also reminds me to be thankful for the people and experiences that are part of my life on a daily basis.”

 I’m not a very good “planner,” but Hello Sunday is making it easier than ever. There’s tons of space for list making, organizing, and creativity! The design is beautiful and clean, without leaving anything out! With this planner I’m feeling more focused and less stressed! Thank you Hello Sunday!”

There is no other planner out there that evolves with you. This planner is the first of its kind that actually makes sense. It is pushing me to not just plan my day, month and year… but it is also pushing me to plan my time with God. Being able to have a planner that motivates me to think about every detail of my life is important… but to have a planner that pushes me to concentrate on the detail of God is pure awesome. Thank you Hello Sunday! Truly inspiring!

Hello Sunday: A Video Review

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Our Story

If you are like me—someone who’s pulled in a million different directions but still wants to do right by her family and God—I genuinely hope this planner will help you stay organized and focused on Him.

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Planner Talk

At Hello Sunday, it’s all about balance. We love technology, but when it comes to our families, our faith, and our pen-to-paper planners…we keep it old-school.

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The Hello Sunday Planner is a reminder to bring a higher focus into the day-to-day human existence. Our hope is that this planner helps you stay focused on Him, grateful and organized.

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