Who Made This Planner?

Christian Paper Planner

A very busy woman, who, like you, serves the Lord (often imperfectly but always with the best of intentions) from right where she is…

A woman whose role shifts hundreds of times each week from mom to wife to businesswoman to friend, chef, chauffeur, caregiver and everything else in between (but never ever to gym-goer!)

A person who wants to do all of these things with poise, devotion and intention…and who still wants to rest on Sunday!

Meet Carol

Hey, my name is Carol. On most days, I find myself somewhere between Proverbs 31 and Tupac. I love Jesus but I cuss a little—and I made this planner as constant reminder to keep my priorities straight.

Not too long ago, I fell into bed exhausted and realized I hadn’t prayed or thought about Him all day. I was just caught up in everything else. So I wanted to MAKE SURE that He had a spot in my day, every day—even the craziest ones. And the best place to remind myself was inside my busy day. Because serving him doesn’t happen somewhere else. It happens right here, right now, in between my dentist appointment and my child’s soccer game.

Here’s my truth: I’m a mother, a wife and businesswoman. My life is brimming with two little humans, two dogs, one husband and a busy marketing company with 11 incredible employees. Some days go by so fast, I don’t even get a shower. I depend on my kids to find cereal for breakfast, struggle to get something on the dinner table at night (half the time it’s Papa John’s)—and fall into bed wracked with guilt and wondering: Am I making the right choices for my family? My employees?

But even on those days, those really crazy ones, I still want to make sure He gets attention.

After God, family, and work—there’s me. I come pretty far down the list, but this planner helps me take care of myself, too. I try to at least take my Juice Plus  and drink plenty of water each day (sometimes in the drive-thru while I order a Baconator).

The Hello Sunday Planner is a reminder to stay accountable. To literally bring a higher focus into the day-to-day human existence thing we’re all doing. (Jesus ain’t ready for us yet, so we might as well do our best while we’re here!)

plan push rest

I made this planner for me…and maybe for you, too. If you are like me…a woman who’s pulled in a million different directions but still wants to do right by her family and God—and get her tail into Heaven—I genuinely hope this planner help you. 

This is my prayer. May it help you stay focused on Him, grateful and organized.



This planner is absolutely gorgeous! The quality of the paper, the cover, even the bindings are outstanding. It is wonderfully organized, easy to read and has plenty of room for planning the everyday along with future goals and dreams. What do I especially love? The monthly verses remind me to stay in touch with what’s important to me and my family, and it also reminds me to be thankful for the people and experiences that are part of my life on a daily basis.”

 I’m not a very good “planner,” but Hello Sunday is making it easier than ever. There’s tons of space for list making, organizing, and creativity! The design is beautiful and clean, without leaving anything out! With this planner I’m feeling more focused and less stressed! Thank you Hello Sunday!”

There is no other planner out there that evolves with you. This planner is the first of its kind that actually makes sense. It is pushing me to not just plan my day, month and year… but it is also pushing me to plan my time with God. Being able to have a planner that motivates me to think about every detail of my life is important… but to have a planner that pushes me to concentrate on the detail of God is pure awesome. Thank you Hello Sunday! Truly inspiring!

Hello Sunday: A Video Review

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The Hello Sunday Planner is a reminder to bring a higher focus into the day-to-day human existence. Our hope is that this planner helps you stay focused on Him, grateful and organized.

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