Because you plan…

Because you plan:

  • You can calmly approach the week
  • You can be aware of what’s coming up
  • You can get more done than you thought was possible

Because you plan…

  • You can set an example for your kids
  • You’ll feel like you have an active say in what happens during your week!
  • You can handle the unexpected with structure

Because you plan…

  • Friends will ask: How do you get everything done?
  • You’ll actually make it to the gym
  • You’ll stick to your plan and stay on task, instead of getting derailed by things that aren’t important

With the Hello Sunday Planner, you’ll have a beautiful planning powerhouse at your fingertips.

It can evolve with you.

It can help you prioritize what’s really important.

And it can help you exhale.

Because when you have a plan, fewer things are “emergencies.”

Tell us what’s true for you because you plan

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Hello Sunday Planner Has A Featured Review On “Amanda’s Favorites”!

featured reviewWe are super excited to share with our fans and followers some pretty great news!  “Amanda’s Favorites” has reviewed Hello Sunday Planner on her popular YouTube channel.  Having Hello Sunday Planner chosen for a featured review from Amanda’s Favorites makes us super excited!


Amanda took the time to really get to know Hello Sunday Planner and learned the features that makes our planner unique! Our binding, cover materials, paper quality and tab pages are all featured as Amanda’s Favorites takes you through Hello Sunday Planner cover to cover!  Hello Sunday Planner is more than the average, run of the mill planning calendar.  Amanda saw that and she took time to recognize our desire to serve Him daily (and that Hello Sunday plans for that) and our motto for both living and planning – Plan, Push, Rest!


We are jumping with joy to have had Hello Sunday Planner reviewed on Amanda’s Favorites!  Take a look at the video review and tell her (and us) what you think of Hello Sunday Planner.  We are incredibly blessed to have been chosen as a feature on Amanda’s Favorites and we are grateful to have the opportunity to share it with all of you. 

After you’ve watched the review, take a few minutes to plan the your week and serve Him right from where you are!


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The tale of the Flinstones Vitamins

small stepsA friend recently re-did her living room. After ripping out some built-in cabinets, she discovered approximately a zillion Flinstones Vitamins—the ones she gave her kids for all those years—piled up into a mountain.

This is a message about progress.

One vitamin after another—being hid behind those cabinets for years by her children—really added up.

Unfortunately, the vitamins would have made more impact had her children actually digested them and not spit them out. (Upon making her discovery, her college-aged children confessed, and they all laughed.)

Why are we telling you this?

Because if you put one vitamin behind a cabinet every day for a few years, it makes an impressive pile of vitamins. A mountain, in fact.

This is what you can do, too, by doing something small every day.

We are so quick to discount our small steps. Even our tiny steps. If they aren’t HUGE, we beat ourselves up or say they don’t matter.

At Hello Sunday, we believe in celebrating every bit of progress—even the tiniest bit. And some days…thinking about your goal is progress.

Little by little, things add up!

Yes, it’s fun to check something off a list…but the progress along the way matters too. We learn during the progress part.

So how can you make a mountain?

Break your goals down into tiny Flinstones-vitamin-sized steps. And check those off your list!

Break big projects and goals down into teeny-tiny action steps.

Draw a little progress bar or chart, and shade it in as you go.

You’ll feel more accomplished on the days you *think* you got nothing done.

Because you’re doing better than you think.

And most importantly…when it’s not happening as quickly as you might like, remember there’s joy in the (well-planned) journey. In a light and grateful heart…there’s always room for laughter and flexibility.

Hello Sunday lets you be super-duper organized. And Hello Sunday lets you be flexible, too.


Lots of love (for you and for Him),
The team at Hello Sunday/The Hello Sunday Planner

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Yay for pen-to-paper planning!

hello sunday plannerAt Hello Sunday, we love technology. Our smart phones make our lives better in so many ways (from ordering pizza to sharing pics of the kiddos).

But we like some things to stay “old-fashioned,” too. Keeping Him in mind—even during the chaotic times. Church on Sundays. And family dinner! Even if we can’t pull off a gourmet meal (enter smart-phone-ordered-pizza!), we sit and eat…together.

And of course, planning our weeks. We proudly do it the old-fashioned way—by writing things down! We love these 9 Incredible Ways Writing By Hand—especially:

#1) Increases Comprehension

#3) Calms the Body and Nerves

#5) Unleashes Creativity 

#7) Enhances Focus

…because as proponents of pen-to-paper planning, we know they’re true!

Lots of us have tried using calendars on our phones. It’s one of the reasons Carol created the Hello Sunday Planner. (Phone planning made her feel distracted, unfocused, forgetful and stressed. Maybe you can relate?) Just one text message or alert, and before you know it, you’re down the rabbit hole with a zillion distractions!

We promise your Hello Sunday Planner will never beep at you, lose its charge or send you a notification. Fortunately, the Hello Sunday Planner is modern in its own way… it makes the act of writing so special, personalized and it fits into your very modern life!

Want to create the space for you to focus on what’s most important?

Want to be less frazzled when you plan?

At Hello Sunday, it’s all about balance. We’re modern, and a little bit old-fashioned. When it comes to our families, our faith, and our pen-to-paper planners…we keep it old-school (and we own it)!


Lots of love (for you and for Him),
The Hello Sunday Planner

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